7 Responses to Stop Talking At Me

  1. Alex Kay says:

    “Find us on Facebook” FTW! I got same thing on a bag of shredded cabbages. Connect with my cabbages on FB? Don’t think so…

    • JonathanKay says:

      @Alex – that’s amazing! I would absolutely love to see a picture of that if you have one. I mean cabbage? In fact now you have me all curious to know what they would even offer on their facebook page…

  2. Good post Jonathan, keep it up!

  3. Yardboy says:

    Good stuff. One other thing… make sure your FB page isn’t broken (livescribe currently down).


    • JonathanKay says:

      Thanks Cayce – That’s silly by the way, go figure the week i decide to sing their praises their page crashes. While i would like to think i have sent their Facebook page THAT much traffic, i am quite certain that is not the case.

      Either way – appreciate you reading, as well as pointing out the ironic moment (i love that stuff).


  4. Van Baird says:

    Holy Crap!!! Are you reading my mail? We’re down here “Fightin ‘ The Man” over at The Farm trying to get them to realize how powerful our Facebook pages could be if they would give us some rope. Love your rant. It was spot on!

    p.s. – make sure whoever runs your company’s FB page reads this too! Ha!

    • JonathanKay says:

      Good sir! Boy is your passion just pouring out of your ears. You should tell State Farm to look at most TV Commercials and Billboards out there right now…big companies are now actually choosing to drive traffic to their Facebook page OVER their actual website. Wild.


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